About Business Travel Life

Finally, a healthy approach to business travel.

Business Travel Life is a resource for business travelers covering business travel tips and trends, healthy travel, travel accessories, hotel workouts and topics that matter to travelers. Our goal is to make business travel healthier and healthy business travel easier. Business Travel Life supports business travelers and road warrior who want to get in and stay in shape. We provide custom workouts and meal planning services for business travelers.

Business Travel Life was founded by fitness enthusiast and consultant Kristina Portillo. Despite a hectic travel schedule, she was determined to keep her health and fitness goals as a top priority while traveling for business. After some trial and error, Kristina discovered the three components necessary for staying in shape while traveling were consistent hotel workouts, planned meals and snacks, and travel-friendly fitness accessories.

After finding a successful combination of all three components, Kristina (a frequent flyer herself), spent a year testing her methods. She logged over the 75,000 frequent flyer miles throughout the year while maintaining her weight and achieving her health and fitness goals. Kristina created Business Travel Life to serve as a resource for business travelers interested in learning how to workout while traveling, how to eat healthy while traveling, and how to reduce stress while traveling.

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