Nutrition is a key component of living a healthy business travel life.

Healthy on the Road

Business travel creates many barriers when it comes to eating healthy. Let us help you eat healthier during your next business trip. We can create a custom meal plan based on your goals, preferences, and travel itinerary.  We will research a restaurant near your hotel, departure gate, client meeting, etc. and recommend healthy options.

We are now offering meal plan packages by the day or week. After your initial evaluation, you can choose to have meal plans prepared for travel time only or during your travel and home time. Contact us to learn more! 888.552.5051

Healthy at Home

Many of our clients seem to struggle when it comes to preparing healthy meals at home. It is hard to keep the pantry stocked and more challenging to keep fresh food in the fridge. As a result, many business travelers wind up eating unhealthy meals at home as well.

While we do offer basic meal plans at home, our speciality is more focused on travel plans. We have partnered with PlateJoy to offer you an incredible meal planning experience for your time at home. PlateJoy makes meal planning at home simple and easy.

Healthy eating made easy. Weekly meal plans and grocery lists, customized to your unique life.