Use our Travel Workout App to get in shape on the go!

Are you just looking for hotel workouts without a personal training plan? Or maybe you are looking for new workout ideas or want to learn how to do some new exercises?

Business Travel Life Personal Training App Features:

  • Easily access workouts from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Choose from a variety of workouts and schedule them on your own time into your own training plan.
  • Track and record your workouts
  • Track your progress
  • Track your body stats

You will have access to a variety of workouts:

  • hotel room workouts
  • hotel gym workouts
  • body weight workouts
  • cardio workouts
  • home workouts
  • workouts you can do at your full-size gym

We understand that your workout program needs to be flexible and our app has a workout for any scenario. The Business Travel Life personal trainer app allows you to pick and schedule your own workouts. You can complete the workouts at your own pace and even have the option to record your progress, measurements, and photos.

The Business Travel Life trainer app allows has demonstration videos for each exercise. There is also an option for unlimited support with a real, live personal trainer through our app.

If you desire custom workouts to meet your goal, our personal trainer can create 4-6 new workouts each week for you, based on your travel schedule and your goals. The workouts are available for you through the app and you will have an introductory phone call with her before starting.

Chose your level of service and subscribe now! We will send you an email with a consent form and app login information. For a customized workout plan, please contact us.

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