Travel Fit: What does it mean?

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”178″ align=”right” size=”large” autoHeight=”true”] Have you ever gone on a vacation and realized after you return home that you gained a pound a day? I certainly have, “Hello, French pastries!” Gaining a little “vacation weight” is fine, especially if it’s an annual vacation and you know once you are back to your normal routine you will lose the vacation weight.

But what is a “normal” routine when you travel frequently? Most business travelers will agree that a normal routine can be challenging when “normal” involves constant travel. Believe it or not, road warriors can have a “normal” routine in conjunction with a busy travel schedule.

Traveling fit requires a fresh perspective on travel, advanced planning, and an open mind.

Traveling fit is more than a cool hashtag (#travelfit). To travel fit is to be aware of your health, fitness, and wellness goals while planning your trip and throughout your travel. To commit to travel fit is to commit to a lifestyle, just like being a road warrior or business traveler. Traveling fit means making a long term commitment to yourself to eat healthy, exercise, and maintain your wellness (sleep, relaxation, self-care, etc) while you travel. Traveling fit requires a lot of discipline due to the constant temptations that are presented while traveling.

Business Travel Life is a resource for business travel tips. We provide hotel workouts, ideas for health snacks for traveling, and accessories to make traveling fit easier. We can also create a customized nutrition and exercise plan specific to your travel itinerary.

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