Get Healthy On The Go!!!

Are you wondering how we can help you get healthy on the go?

Let us explain what you can expect as a Business Travel Life client:

As a Business Travel Life client, you will receive the support you need while you are on the go to reach your goals. We believe proper nutrition and exercise are equally important to improving your health and our goal is to make both fit into your busy schedule, whether you are at home or on the road. We take all the guessing out of it and create an easy to follow, specific plan that you can access from your phone, tablet or computer.

Prior to creating your plan you will have an introductory call with your personal trainer and nutrition coach to learn more about your goals and preferences. In addition to your food and exercise preferences, we want to know about your lifestyle and your travel preferences so we can fine tune your plans and increase your ability to reach your goals.

Plans are created weekly and individually.

Taking your tastes and preferences into account, we will create a weekly plan that fits with your schedule. Your plan will be built around your travel itinerary. We will research your hotel and local restaurants to provide you with healthy meals that are not out of the way and convenient workouts.

No cookie cutter diets around here!

Your nutrition plan will take many factors including your current weight, level of activity, goals, and health into consideration to find the ideal amount of calories you should consume each day. You will receive a specific plan with three to six meals per day including specific recommendations for dining at restaurants, hotels, airports, conferences, and with clients. Your plan will be updated each week and will also include recipes for cooking while you are at home.

Take your personal trainer on the road with you!

The benefit of having a virtual personal trainer is the consistency you can maintain regardless of your location. What better way to hold yourself accountable than have weekly training sessions via Skype. You can train at home, from your hotel, or even in your office (be prepared for strange looks!).

Receive customized workouts to meet your fitness goals!

We use your current weight, level of activity, goals, and health to create your weekly workout plan. Your personal trainer will research your hotel and provide a routine you can complete in your hotel gym, pool, or room- based on your preferences. As a client, you receive the added benefit of a discounted price on travel-friendly workout equipment such as TRX Suspension Straps or Aqua Joggers and discounted rates on training sessions to learn how to use them.

Gain a personal relationship with an expert who understands travel, healthy living and actually knows you.

Business Travel Life is different from other online weight loss and training programs because we are accessible and flexible. We understand you may get stuck in Chicago overnight and are prepared to change your plan accordingly when it happens. We are available by email, text, and phone. We also understand there are weeks you may be taking care of more important things like your taking your kid’s to Disney and guess what? We will provide recommendations for enjoying life without backtracking your diet.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about our programs or contact us today to learn more!

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