Product Review: REM-Fit Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker and REM-Fit Rest Collection 400 Series Pillow

Sleep (or lack thereof) is a frequent concern for many business travelers. Between jet lag, late night dinners, early morning meetings and stress, business travel is not the best lifestyle for restful sleep. We are constantly searching for ways to help business travelers improve their life, so when the opportunity to try two REM-Fit products was presented, we took advantage with the hopes of helping business travelers improve their sleep quality.

REM-Fit is a company dedicated to improving your quality of sleep for maximum recovery and comfort. The REM-Fit product line consists of three product categories: The REST, the ENERGIZE and the MOTIVATE Collections. Last month, we had the opportunity to review a product from the MOTIVATE and REST Collections.

REM-Fit Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker

REM Fit Business Travel Life
The REM-Fit Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker is part of the MOTIVATE collection. At first glance, the REM-Fit Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker is similar to other activity trackers. The feature that sets this tracker apart from the others is the way it tracks your activity and sleep- using a point system. You earn SleepPoints based on not just the time you slept, but the quality of your sleep. You also get ActivePoints for your activity during the day. The SleepPoints and ActivePoints combine to present you a 360LifeScore. The tracker counts your steps each day and calculates the number of calories you burned throughout the day. The face on the REM-Fit is similar to a watch as it displays the date, time and battery percentage when you tap it. The REM Fit Active App is available on iTunes and Google Play through its app.

REM FIT Business Travel Life

REM-Fit Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker includes two bands and a belt clip. Available through REM-Fit or Amazon for $99.00.


REM-Fit Rest Collection 400 Series Pillow


The REM-Fit Rest Collection 400 Series Pillow is part of the REST collection. This gel top memory foam pillow is full of features, literally and figuratively. The pillow adjusts to you, depending on how you sleep (side, back, or stomach). The pillow is also made to regulate body temperature while pushing hot air flow away. The pillow also blocks dust mites and allergens (gross to think about, but a real problem).  The most unique feature of this fancy, hybrid pillow is the support clusters within. The pillow is packed support clusters that you can remove or adjust in the core to meet your pillow preference. This pillow is too large carry-on for a flight, but would be a great idea to pack along when you are driving for business trips. Lastly, it is important to note that we noticed the 400 series is a very large pillow, it was a tight fit in a King size pillow case.

rem fit review business travel life 1
The removable support clusters are the most unique feature of this pillow.


The REM-Fit Rest Collection 400 Series Pillow is available through REM-Fit or Amazon for $159.00.

Discloser: This blog post was written in exchange for the REM-Fit Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker and REM-Fit Rest Collection 400 Series Pillow

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