The Light Rail to DIA Was Made for Business Travelers

The light rail to DIA, aka the University of Colorado A Line, recently began service from Union Station to Denver International Airport, making the commute for business travelers a breeze.

The light rail recently started providing service to the airport from downtown Denver’s Union Station. If you plan on catching the light rail to DIA, you’ll want to hop on the University of Colorado A Line, which costs $9.00 one way.


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This new mode of transportation to the airport is very efficient for Denver locals, business travelers and tourists. The ride takes about 35 minutes total, which is about the same time it would take from downtown without traffic.


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The train cars are very well kept and the staff is very helpful. The light rail operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Like any other method of transportation, there can be delays on the light rail, usually due to maintenance. Before heading to Union Station to catch your train to the airport, be sure to check the website for any rider alerts to ensure that you arrive at the airport on time.


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The light rail operates all over Denver. It can take you to the convention center, the Pepsi center, the 16th street mall, and many other places. The B Line to and from Westminster began operating very recently as well. Westminster is about twenty minutes outside of Denver. For those business travelers that are staying at the Westin in Westminster, this is the perfect way to commute to downtown Denver for meetings, dinners, or just to explore the unique city.


light rail to DIA business travel life
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Union Station has recently become a very popular place to eat, drink, sleep and shop. The station is always buzzing during the day and night, it’s highly recommended that you arrive at the station quite early to have time for a quick coffee or beer before heading to the airport.

Have any of you ever taken the light rail between the airport and downtown Denver?

light rail to DIA business travel life


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