Product Review: LUNA mini 2

Skip the hotel washcloth and keep your skin fresh on the road with the LUNA mini 2 facial brush.

I am very excited to share this LUNA mini 2 review with you all! As someone who travels frequently and has sensitive skin, I often struggle with my skin care routine. The hotel washcloths are too harsh to scrub my skin and my Kiehl’s daily face scrub does not come in travel size.  As a result, my face bounces between breaking out, drying out or even being too oily, depending on my travel destination.

I had the opportunity to try the LUNA mini 2 cleansing brush over the last 10 days and as a result, my skin care routine on the road (and at home!) has been forever changed! Before I jump into the LUNA mini 2 review, I want to share exciting information about FOREO, the company behind the LUNA mini 2.

luna mini 2 review business travel life

Save the Sea with FOREO

FOREO is committed to creating sustainable skin care choices and supporting environmental conservation. FOREO partnered with GreenWave and SEA LIFE Trust in 2015 to build restorative ocean farms and sponsor endangered sea turtle rehabilitation and research. This year, you can partner with them for even bigger impacts!

Now through August 31st, FOREO is selling a Save The Sea Special Edition LUNA mini 2 and donating 100% of the net proceeds to GreenWave and SEA LIFE Trust, both of whom are dedicated to conserving our oceans and protecting our marine life. In addition to the LUNA mini 2, the Save The Sea – Special Edition LUNA Play (a more compact/recyclable version of the LUNA mini 2) is available for only $39 with a complimentary day and night cleanser sample when purchased through the Save The Sea Landing Page.


luna mini 2 review business travel life
An even smaller version of the LUNA mini 2, the LUNA play is only $39. It is a disposable (and recyclable) electric facial brush that lasts for 100 uses- another compact skin cleansing option for travelers!

LUNA mini 2 Review

The New LUNA mini 2 has changed my skincare routine, especially during travel.  I have been using the LUNA mini 2 for the past 10 days and I am amazed by how much cleaner and softer my face feels. As someone who travels frequently and has sensitive skin, I often struggle with my skin care routine. Between the dreaded plane face and the harsh hotel washcloths, my face bounces between breaking out, drying out or even being too oily, depending on my travel destinations.

luna mini 2 review business travel life
The LUNA mini 2 includes a nice case and a USB charger.

The size of the LUNA mini 2 is perfect for travel. It fits in the palm of my hand and takes up minimal space in my bag. The LUNA mini 2 is a very low maintenance device. One charge lasts for 300 uses, so you do not have to worry about packing another charger or running out of battery. And, the LUNA mini 2 never requires brush head replacements.

Before using the LUNA mini 2, I immediately noticed how soft the silicone bristles are. As someone with sensitive skin, I have been hesitant to use facial cleansing brushes due to concerns with drying out or irritating my skin.

luna mini 2 review business travel life

Thanks to the T-Sonic™ pulsations, the silicone bristles easily remove the layers of my SPF moisturizer, foundation, and matte powder. FOREO reports the LUNA mini 2 removes 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus makeup residue and dead skin cells. I believe it.

My skin has never felt this clean or soft without a trip to the spa.

luna mini 2 review business travel life

The LUNA mini 2 will work on every skin type. The device has three different zones with thinner touch points (sensitive/normal skin), thicker touch points (precision cleaning), and broader touch points on the back of the device (for oily skin). You can also choose from eight levels of T-Sonic™ pulsations, allowing you to customize the level of pulsations based on your skin type.

As a bonus, I love the color and design of the Save the Seas Special Edition LUNA mini 2. It matches my bathroom decor perfectly! If you prefer to use and store your LUNA mini in the shower it is 100% waterproof.  The silicone ensures that it dries quickly.

luna mini 2 review business travel life 12

Luna mini 2 features for travelers:

  • One charge lasts 300 uses (thanks to pre-programming, this is approximate).
  • Compact size (fits in the palm of your hand).
  • USB-chargeable so it will be a snap to charge anywhere in the world.
  • Low maintenance: No need to replace the brush heads.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • The LUNA mini 2 has a mini version which is the size of a cotton ball, and when fully charged, can be used 30 times.

FOREO has created three facial cleanings brushes that are perfect for travel. The palm-sized LUNA mini 2 costs $139. The LUNA go takes up very minimal space as it is the size of a cotton ball (30 uses per charge) and costs $99. Both the LUNA mini 2 and the LUNA go include a 2-Year Limited Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee. As we mentioned earlier, FOREO has created a non-rechargeable device for $39, called the LUNA play (100 uses). The LUNA play is also the size of a cotton ball and has a Save the Seas special edition version available.

The LUNA mini 2 is easy to use. Apply your face wash, glide the LUNA mini 2 in circular motions around your face for one minute, and rinse your face.

The LUNA mini 2 comes in other colors; however, the Save the Seas campaign applies only to the Turquois version with the Sea Turtles.

Whether you are the occasional traveler or a weekly road warrior the LUNA mini 2 is a great way to consistently maintain your skin routine at home and on the road. The LUNA mini 2 electric facial cleansing brush is a worthwhile investment for your skin, while also helping to save the seas!

Limited Edition Save the Sea - LUNA mini 2- Shop Now!


FOREO Product Photo Credits: Foreo.com

Anyone who suffers from a serious skin condition should consult their dermatologist before using a facial cleansing brush.

luna mini review business travel life


This review was written in exchange for a FOREO LUNA mini 2 review.

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