Tiko Carry-On Luggage Giveaway

Enter To Win Tiko Carry-On Luggage

We have partnered with Tiko Travel to give away a Tiko Carry-On! Tiko Travel is new to the luggage scene.  The founder of Tiko Travel set out to create a durable, uncomplicated and affordable bag after feeling dissatisfied with over-priced luggage. 

tiko carry-on luggageThe Austin, Texas based company sells online direct-to-consumer in order to cut out the middleman retailer so the customer pays only half the usual cost.  The Tiko Carry-On is priced under $200. Tiko Travel is the only soft luggage company that sells direct to consumers. 

The Tiko Carry-On is thoughtfully designed. The first impression I had of the bag is how light it is. I have not traveled with soft-sided luggage in a while, but the light weight nature of this bag immediately impressed me. The other benefit of soft-sided luggage is the ability to stuff more in when packing and squeeze the bag into tight spaces (like overhead bins) when traveling. 

Just because the Tiko Carry-On is soft, don’t think that it is not durable. The waxed canvas exterior passes the industry’s toughest abrasion tests. It is also worth noting the company offers a five-year “Painless Promise Guarantee” warranty.

tiko carry-on luggageThe interior of the luggage is simple, but well planned. There are two built in mesh  pockets with zippers. The interior also has two luggage straps. My favorite feature is the deep zipper pocket on the top of the bag near the handle- perfect for stashing phone, keys, a snack, or anything else you wish to access without opening the whole bag. 

tiko carry-on luggageThe bag features  YKK® zippers, which are top of the line zippers. This detail may not matter to you, unless you have ever had a zipper break during a trip. A broken zipper on luggage can be a major, trip interrupting inconvenience. 

tiko carry-on luggageThis luggage has a simple, yet sleek and stylish design.  This is the type of bag you can wheel through the airport and right into a meeting feeling confident and professional.  The Tiko Carry-On is available in two colors; charcoal and moonlight (limited edition). 

Enter To Win Tiko Carry-On Luggage!

Tiko Carry-On Luggage Giveaway

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  1. Looks like a cool, durable bag. I travel weekly for work (500,000+ mi this year), and it’s time for a new carry-on. I’ve had a Travel Pro 22” for the past 5 years and it has a LOT of Miles on it…and is still going strong! But, it is def worn out. 🙂 I live in Austin about 3 blocks from Noah Marion Quality Goods, so I’ll stop by on Friday and check this bag out in person! // BTW, nice job w ur mobile site, images and videos. That def helps. I saw a close up of the zipper, but addt’l close ups of different features and the material would be helpful re: conversion. Also, consider making a vid of a passenger placing the bag into an overhead bin on a 737, ERJ170/175 and the CRJ700. I’m sure it won’t fit on the ERJ145…nothing does. 🙂 Oh, also kudos to ur prodman for figuring out how to simply display side-by-side comparison on mobile of how ur product stacks up against the competition (Away, Tumi, etc.). Nicely done and easy to use/comprehend!

  2. I would happily use my new Tiko Carry-On luggage on my trip to the spa at The Four Seasons Resort Maui . I am long overdue for a vacation so I would love every second of it and travel in style with my new luggage in tow!

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