Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: What to Get your Globe-Trotting S.O.

To find the best gifts for every type of business traveler, look no further than this Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Does anyone even like shopping for Valentine’s Day? As if brainstorming gift ideas for birthdays and December holidays isn’t enough, now we have to think of something charming yet light to make February special. Since so many folks find themselves stumped for ideas, we’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift guide to make the shopping process smoother. Partners of work travelers can tap into the jet-setting lifestyle of their significant other to find the perfect present — from the latest in travel tech to portable fitness gear, these are our picks for the best Valentine’s Day gifts to bestow upon a road warrior.

Travel Tech

Working on the road requires up-to-date electronics and gear. For tech-savvy business travelers, we recommend the following gifts.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, bose headphones
Image Credit: Nordstrom

Bose Wireless Headphones for Anyone

Wireless headphones are perfect for tuning out background noise when working in a crowded place, like the airport terminal or a café. Get them at Nordstrom.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, tech gloves
Image Credit: Nordstrom

Tech Gloves for Anyone

Road warriors may need to answer urgent messages on the go, making tech gloves a great asset for travel to colder climates. Get them at Nordstrom.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, charging portfolio
Image Credit: Amazon

Charging Portfolio for Anyone

Moving around without access to outlets can wear down batteries quickly. Your partner will be grateful for this portable charging portfolio they can use anywhere. Get it at Amazon.

Personal Care

Frequent travel can take a toll on personal hygiene. Help your S.O. stay fresh with these personal care gift ideas.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, mac
Image Credit: Nordstrom

Travel-Friendly Makeup for Her

Gift her a sample size of top makeup products, something she’ll be able to pack easily while getting a taste of a different cosmetics brand. Get it at Nordstrom.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, jack black skincare
Image Credit: Nordstrom

Travel-Size Skincare for Him

Anything that would make it through TSA is a great gift in our book. This skincare kit is both practical and portable. Get it at Nordstrom.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, toiletry bag
Image Credit: Amazon

Toiletry Bag for Anyone

A good toiletry bag is key for staying organized, and it’s also a nice gift that would complement the purchase of a personal care item like the above. Get it at Amazon.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, sleepmask
Image Credit: Nordstrom

Sleep Mask for Anyone

Adjusting to hotel rooms or sleeping on planes is no easy task. Sleep masks are wonderful gifts for travelers that need to be well-rested for a day of meetings or conferences. Get it at Nordstrom.

Travel Fit

If you’re paired with a road warrior that’s obsessed with their health and fitness, these gifts will help them keep up with their routine when traveling for work.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, mens sneakers
Image Credit: Amazon

Sneakers for Him

Sitting in planes, conference chairs, and at a hotel room desk doesn’t do a whole lot for one’s fitness. A good pair of running shoes will help your partner stay in shape when traveling. Get them at Amazon.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, women's sneakers
Image Credit: Amazon

Sneakers for Her

These women’s sneakers are light to carry and meant for running, making them the perfect travel-friendly pair of shoes. Get them at Amazon.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, travel mug
Image Credit: Amazon

Travel Beverage Holder for Anyone

Whether you need to keep a breakfast smoothie cold or tea hot, a travel mug like this is terrific for transporting healthy beverages. Get it at Amazon.

Business Travel Essentials

When traveling for work, you need to keep your business attire crisp and your essentials safe. These products will help every road warrior have a seamless trip.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, tie case
Image Credit: Amazon

Travel Tie Case for Him

This case will keep his ties neat, and its flat design makes it easy to pack into any bag. Get it at Amazon.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, travel jewelry case
Image Credit: Mark and Graham

Travel Jewelry Case for Her

Keeping your earrings together and your necklaces from tangling together is tough without a jewelry case. Get it at Mark & Graham.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Business Travel Life, backpack
Image Credit: Amazon

Secure Backpack for Anyone

With a charging port and water-resistant material, this backpack is ideal for transporting electronics and other business trip essentials. Get it at Amazon.

Hopefully, shopping for the perfect gift doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore after reading this Valentine’s Day gift guide. We’d love to hear what gifts the business travel community loves to receive — share the best travel gift you’ve ever gotten in the comments below! In the meantime, we’ve got more Valentine’s Day gift ideas here.

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Mellisa Pascale
Mellisa Pascale

Mellisa is a writer and traveler. She’s studied in London, backpacked in Europe, and road-tripped around Iceland. Most recently, her travels took her to New Zealand, where she worked and volunteered while participating in the Working Holiday Visa program.

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