5 Reasons to Add Bleisure to Your Travel Vocabulary

By: Fred Euler, General Manager Hyatt Regency Dallas

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Though this saying has its origins in the 1600’s, it is as true in today’s work-life balance-focused society it ever was, especially when it comes to mixing business travel with pleasure. In fact, the practice of combining these two has recently picked up steam and even a catchy name: “Bleisure travel.”  While this might sound good in theory, you are not alone if you feel like “vacation” is a bad word. According to a recent Google Consumer Survey, Forty percent of Americans leave vacation time on the table each year, but the truth is the benefits of adding a day or two on to your trip are too valuable to pass up. Here are five reasons for you to tack a few extras days on your next business trip.

Here are five reasons for you to tack a few extras days on your next business trip.

Discover Hidden Gems

Not all destinations were created equal. Some have the glitz of Vegas with the history of Rome. Others boast the finest BBQ you will ever taste and the best swamp tour you never knew you needed. These are the places you normally wouldn’t have chosen to go, but you’re already there, might as well make the most of it. Explore the untapped areas after the official business is done, finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants and beautiful local attractions that most people will never experience. Of course, these hidden gems are hidden for a reason, but any good concierge will be able to point you in the right direction.

Make Memories

I hear it all the time: a guest at my hotel will describe their experience on a trip and rarely recite the itinerary, but rather describe the lasting memories created by experiences. Having moments to point back to after a trip is crucial in order for the trip to truly have value. Taking the time to see the city you are in from a breathtaking view, whether it be the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York, or Reunion Tower here in Dallas, will boost morale and let you attach important information to a great memory.

Save Money and Time

Being financially savvy is a huge upside to the “Bleisure” trip. You were going to go on vacation anyway, why not take advantage of the free travel? Add on the additional vacation time saved by only using a couple of days at the end of a trip and you have substantial time and money savings. At the same time, transparency is important. Make sure that you have a clean separation between company costs and personal expenditures.

Strengthen Relationships

Bringing family or a special someone enables you to grow together and experience the world at the same time. Creating a family vacation from a business trip will be a blast for the kids, make your trip more fulfilling and eliminate the stress or guilt that comes when a spouse stays behind. Build in time after the work is done to grab dinner and a performance and it will take the edge off all those trips away from home. Equally viable is a trip with plenty of “me time,” as there are few relationships more important than the one with yourself. Having down time at the end of the trip to unwind and decompress from the exhausting agenda proves wonders for keeping you fresh.

Better Your Work

Trips where you are racing to make it to every stop on time don’t put you in position to perform at your peak capacity. Tacking a buffer day on at the beginning of your trip allows you to combat the effects of jet lag and mentally prepare for the work ahead. Familiarize yourself with the city, this will not only keep you from being late but also impress your associates or clients with your knowledge. Turning time into your ally on a trip can be the difference between success and failure.

The business trip isn’t going anywhere. Until distinct lines are drawn once again between work and play, there is no reason why the business-vacation hybrid should either. So for now, sit back and relax, you’ve got all day to soak in the sights and sounds. Go see what the Dubai Bazaar is all about or take in everything the State Fair of Texas has to offer.  Whatever you do, make the time yours.

What do you think of bleisure travel? Will you try it during a future business trip?

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