Backpack Review – Pursuit Backpack for Travel

When is the last time you wore a backpack? It has been at least 10 years for me. I have not been a huge fan of backpacks until now.

Prior to trying the Pursuit Backpack made by Six Pack Fitness, backpacks seemed to cause more back pain than convenience. I was happily surprised when trying on the Pursuit Backpack.

Meal Prep Guide For Home and Travel (1)
The Pursuit Backpack distributes weight evenly and makes packing healthy food easier with the insulated cooler built into it. What is more convenient than a backpack with its own cooler? The Pursuit Backpack has a separate compartment to hold your laptop or tablet. That’s right, this travel backpack can keep food cold and safely hold your laptop or tablet. Sounds like a commuter’s dream – pack your own lunch and carry your laptop or tablet to work in the same bag.  If this sounds too good to be true, watch this video to see a demonstration of the Pursuit Backpack.

Backpack Review – Pursuit Backpack for Travel by Six Pack Fitness


  • Insulated cooler built into its own compartment to keep food cold
  • Includes 3 freezer gel packs
  • Includes 3 containers and trays to keep your food separate (no one likes a soggy  sandwich)
  • Separate compartment for your laptop/tablet (holds up to 15″)
  • 2 drink holders
  • No more digging for your keys at the bottom of your bag thanks to the small storage compartments for keys, phone, headphones, plane tickets, iPod, wallet, or whatever else you need to throw in your bag
  • Padded shoulder straps are actually padded enough to feel comfortable and not hurt
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Available in 4 colors- black/red, pink/grey, lime/grey, orange/plum
  • Also available with 5 meal trays (Pursuit 500)


  • Not as much storage space as a “regular” backpack due to meal tray system
  • Laptop compartment limited to 15″
  • Due to high demand, shipping may be delayed even when order directly from 6 Pack Fitness


  • 11″W x 9″L x 17″H
  • Weighs 6 pounds

Potential Uses

  • Business Travel
  • Vacation
  • Domestic or International Air Travel (actually enjoy the food on your flight!)
  • School
  • Commuting by car, bus, train or plane
  • Adult lunch box (Make you co-workers jealous)
  • Gym Bag (if you get hungry right after you work out, here is a great way to eat immediately after!)
  • Hiking (no more dried fruit and bars, eat real food!)
  • Skiing (Hasta La Vista to overpriced lunches while you are skiing)
  • Biking (pack your own tasty food along for your ride)
  • Tailgating (no more fake cheese nachos!)

You get the idea here. The Pursuit Backpack is so versatile that the possibilities are endless. If you have ever missed fresh, healthy food while you were away from home, this backpack is definitely for you! Whether you are searching for a travel backpack, commuter bag, a school backpack, or even a weekend backpack- the Pursuit Backpack by Six Pack Fitness delivers.

January 2019 Update: The Pursuit Backpack is no longer available from Six Pack Fitness but Six Pack Fitness does have a variety of other meal management backpacks that are comparable to the pursuit backpack and updated with better technology and features! Shop them on Six Pack Fitness or Amazon.

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  1. If the cool packs are frozen is it still considered part of the 3oz liquid rule when traveling through airport security?

    1. Great question Lacy! As long as the freezer pack is completely frozen solid, it will not be considered a liquid.
      This is from the TSA Website:
      “Frozen liquid items are allowed through the checkpoint as long as they are frozen solid when presented for screening. If frozen liquid items are partially melted, slushy, or have any liquid at the bottom of the container, they must meet 3-1-1 liquids requirements.
      If the frozen item is packed with ice or ice packs in a cooler or other container, the ice or ice packs must be completely frozen when brought through screening. If the ice or ice packs are partially melted and have any liquid at the bottom of the container, they will not be permitted.”

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