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Time saving tips to increase productivity during travel.

Traveling for business is an exciting and challenging aspect of many jobs. While technology offers many opportunities for video calls and remote meetings, I firmly believe there is value in face-to-face engagement.  The challenge for many business travelers is remaining productive while traveling to and from meetings and conferences.

When I first started traveling, I would return from my business trips with an out-of-control inbox and overwhelming feeling of too many items on my to-do list. I really enjoyed traveling, but I was not organized. I wasted time standing in lines. I wasted time in-flight. I wasted time in my hotel room.  This left me feeling like I was coming back from a vacation after a business trip, not from a work-related trip.

As a lady road warrior with years of business travel experience, I have finally learned (in some cases the hard way) to balance taking care of my family and traveling for work. It requires the utmost level of productivity while I am gone, so I can relax with my family when I return. I don’t want to be working overtime to catch up from being out of the office. There is nothing worse than returning from a business trip, more stressed out than before you left.

See below for a few of my best time-saving tips and what brands I choose to help me travel like a boss.

Plan Ahead

Productive business travel starts before I leave for the airport. I can save hours during my travel day by simply planning ahead and not wasting time. Many of my travel accessories never leave my luggage. I have two sets of chargers, headphones, toiletries, etc. so the ones in my bag, stay in my bag. I also pack my bag with items I need during transit on top. I always travel with a few healthy snacks, so I do not have to waste time finding snacks at the airports.

Choose Reliable Brands

In addition to planning ahead, who you chose for your business travel is equally important. As a mom and frequent business traveler, I need brands that have earned my trust and provide dependable, consistent service. This is why I, and so many other women, choose Hertz – a six-time consecutive winner of the annual Women’s Choice Award. It is consistently reliable and provides best-in-class service, so I feel confident knowing that no matter where in the world I might be traveling, Hertz will get me there. This video sums it up nicely!

business travel like a boss with hertz

Carry-on Only

I save at least an hour by traveling with only a carry-on. If I were to check my bag, I would wait in line at the airport to check it (10 minutes), then wait for it to come to baggage claim (20 minutes) when I reach my destination, and then repeat when I fly home. Traveling with only a carry-on also significantly reduces my chances of luggage being lost.

Join Travel Loyalty Programs

Travel loyalty programs reward travelers for their business. These programs come with perks that make travel more efficient and enjoyable. Travel programs also reward their members with upgrades and expedited services (aka: less time spent waiting in line).

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program makes renting a car easier, faster and more rewarding. Hertz Ultimate Choice® allows me to select the exact car that I want, when I want. I save even more time as a Gold Plus Rewards® member when I receive Mobile Alerts on my phone. These alerts notify me of the type of car I will be driving and where it is parked. I skip the line and head straight to my rental car, get in and go – fast and simple!

business travel like a boss with hertz

Download and Use Travel Apps

Travel apps are a huge time saver. I use TripIt to organize my itinerary. I use OpenTable and TripAdvisor to find places to dine. And of course, I use airline, car rental, and hotel apps during my trip. My airline app will allow me to check-in online, serve as a mobile boarding pass and notify me of gate changes and delays. Many hotels now have apps that offer digital check-in and digital keys. I use the Hertz app to reserve a car, modify a reservation, and upgrade my car rental.

Work, Work, & Work

The goal of a productive business trip is to complete my work before I get home. Therefore, I channel my inner Rihanna and “work, work, work, work, work, work” as much as possible during my trip. Once I get through security, I find a quiet place to work (preferably a lounge). If my flight has Wi-Fi, I work during my flight. Even without Wi-Fi, I clean out my inbox and reply to email (they will send once I connect to Wi-Fi). Once I get to my hotel, I do not turn on the TV unless I’m caught up on work. As we all know, watching TV is a major distraction and time sucker. On the way home, I wrap up any reports and reply to necessary emails to close out my trip.

With planning and discipline, it is possible to have a highly productive business trip and return to the office with your inbox caught up.

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business travel like a boss with hertz


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