6 Simple Exercises You Can Do While Traveling

Exercises you can do while traveling to get a quick workout.

Everybody travels. Whether it’s for self-pleasure, vacation, business, or world domination, it should not necessarily include a complete break from your workout schedule. In fact, there is a myriad of simple yet effective workouts that you can practice while traveling. Rest assured that these no-equipment-needed travel exercises will let you easily attain your fitness goals. Plus, they will even help you stay healthy and hearty and enjoy a blissful vacation.

The next section will reveal six simple workouts that you can do while traveling (with detailed steps and guidelines). Please ensure to follow the below-mentioned steps properly and precisely to enjoy the maximum health benefits.

Here are some exercises you can do while traveling.


1. Squats

Squats are typically performed to get a slimmer and leaner body and a better butt. It’s one of the best workouts that you can practice while traveling. This exercise is also suitable for those people that want to build muscle, lose weight, or both. Squats are really amazing, but please make sure to follow the steps correctly for optimum effectiveness.

How to Perform a Proper Squat? – Reveal the Steps

i) To start with, stand straight with your feet apart and tighten the stomach muscles.

ii) Bend your knees and lower your body down as if you’re sitting (nevertheless, please keep your upper body straight).

iii) Straighten your legs and repeat the movement (for 10 – 15 reps).


2. Star jump

This particular travel workout focuses on contracting and stretching your muscles in order to offer an explosive muscular power. Please note, star jump can extend the limbs, develop more power throughout your torso, and help you attain the maximum height. So, are you ready to practice a star jump? Well, please follow the instructions (given below).

i) Begin with a relaxed stance, while keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, hold your arms as close as possible to the body.

ii) To initiate the star jump move, please squat down halfway & then explode you back up as much as possible.

iii) Fully extend the entire body, spread your legs, and keep the arms away from your body.

iv) Bring your legs and arms inward the body and land softly/gently on the ground.


3. Forward-to-reverse lunge

This is another highly recommended travel workout that you can easily practice without the need of any special gear. Whether you’re a beginner or you have specific fitness goals, this exercise should be included in your daily fitness regime. That’s primarily because — this low-intensity exercise strengthens your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves. Follow the steps below and get ready to perform a perfect forward-to-reverse lunge.

i) Stand upright on your feet and keep your arms close to the body.

ii) Take one step forward with the help of your right leg, drop the left knee towards the ground, and bend the right knee to a 90-degree angle.

iii) While performing the steps, kindly keep your back as straight as possible. Also note, your spine should be neutral.

iv) Now, push off with the help of your right foot, take a step backward and perform a reverse lunge.

v) You can practice this workout for 10 – 15 repetitions.


4. Prisoner backward lunge

This workout can excellently strengthen your legs. Do you want to know the right steps to perform a prisoner backward? If so, please check the following sections.

i) Start with your regular posture. Now, place both of your hands behind the head. Also, pull your elbows and shoulders back.

ii) With the help of one leg, take a step backward and perform a lunge.

iii) Now, bend your front leg knee & put the back leg knee slightly above the ground.

iv) Return to your original position simply by pushing your front leg. Perform the aforementioned steps for the other side.


5. Single leg touchdown

Single leg touchdown is a convenient and no-special-instrument-needed workout. This exercise improves your postural control. The best part is — it’s an absolutely simple exercise that comprises of four easy to follow steps.

i) Stand on your right leg (with a slightly bent knee). Now, place your right hand on the hip.

ii) Bend your right knee and try to touch your right foot with the help of your left hand.

iii) Straighten your hips as much as possible. Return to your starting position and perform this exercise with your left leg.


6. Seated crunch twists

This workout not only develops your abs, but also it works on your core muscles. In fact, it’s a perfect travel exercise that helps you achieve greater fitness levels. Now, please follow four easy steps and perform a seated crunch twist.

i) Gently sit on a flat-surfaced bench.

ii) Slowly lean back and lift the legs off the ground.

iii) Bend your legs, position your arms, and try to straighten them.

iv) Rotate your arms from one side to the another. That’s it. You’ve just learned how to perform seated crunch twists.


Guest post written by Ryan Perry.

Exercises You Can Do While Traveling

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  1. Most of the images have NOTHING to do with the exercises described. The photo of a pistol is an ADVANCED exercise that most people can’t do, let alone try to do while away from home.

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