Hotel Safety Tips Part 3: Travel Workout

Safety tips for travel workouts.

Exercising during travel has many benefits for frequent travelers. It is a good habit to develop, and healthy travel is the core of our business. For that reason, we want to discuss safety in the hotel fitness center in the third part of our hotel safety series.

Women are likely more aware of personal safety concerns when it comes to working out. For example, at one point I was a member of a 24-hour gym, that provided life alert type necklaces to wear during your workout. That may sound crazy until I explain that the gym was only staffed for part of the day, and the gym was located in a busy oil field town in North Dakota, which was populated with about 90% men and 10% women. Crimes rates caused women to take precautions, and wearing this necklace during a workout was something I was willing (and happy) to do.

Now, think about working out during travel. Both men and women are a bit more vulnerable. You are staying at a hotel and likely standout as a tourist (even if you are traveling for business).If you choose to go outdoors for a workout, you are in an unfamiliar area, and if you choose to exercise in the hotel gym or pool, you are also vulnerable.

We have compiled a list of tips to keep you safe during your travel workout.

Hide Your Room Key

Keep your room key card hidden. Do not store it with your phone, as that may cause the key to deactivate. If you have to keep your key card in plain sight, do not keep it inside the holder that has your room number written on it. Also, do not leave your key unattended at any time.

Do Not Sign In

In some larger hotel fitness centers, a sign-in sheet is located near the entrance. This is likely designed to track guests versus local members, but could be an easy way for someone to see which rooms are unattended. If you register, just write your initials instead of your full name, and do not record a room number.

Avoid Late Night Workouts

Whether you plan to hit the pool, the fitness center or head outside for a run, avoid doing so late at night. You are more likely to be alone, and the hotel will have less staff on duty. If the only time you are able to work out is late at night, consider working out in your hotel room.

Keep Your Music Down

If you prefer to workout with headphones, keep your music at a low volume so you can still hear what is going on around you. If you are working out in the fitness center alone, do not wear headphones. Just use your phone for music. If someone comes in, you will hear them, and you can put your headphones on. If you are running outside, it is especially important to have your music at a low volume or consider running in silence.

Ask for a Running Map

If you plan to walk or run, ask your hotel for a running map and a recommendation for a safe route. Take your phone with you on the run in case you encounter any trouble.

Be Aware & Trust Your Gut

Be aware of others working out or running nearby. If someone is lingering or staring too much, do your best to avoid them, or leave the gym. If they continue to follow you, head to the front desk and ask for help. If you get a feeling that someone is creeping you out, trust your gut.

Never Volunteer That You Are Traveling Alone

If someone in the fitness center or pool strikes up a conversation, do not say you are traveling alone.

Use a Buddy System

This is especially important if you are leaving the hotel for your workout. Make sure someone knows where you are and when you are expecting to be back. Even if the person you are telling is someone who is not traveling with you, make sure you check-in with someone.

Vary Your Workout Time

If you are staying at the same hotel for more than two nights, try to workout at different times. This is a common safety tip for runners and should be taken into consideration during travel.

Hide Your Valuables

There are a number of products on the market to hide your valuables. The Travel Bra is a sports bra that has secret pockets for your key card and other items you may take along during a run. The same company also offers shorts men can wear underneath workout shorts with hidden pockets.

the travel bra promo code

For more hotel safety tips, please the other articles in our hotel safety tips series.

How do you stay safe during your travel workouts? Please share your travel workout safety tips below!

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