5 Easy Tips To Stay Fit On The Go

Staying Fit On The Go Is Easier Than You Think!

Staying fit on the go can feel like a real challenge for business travelers. The long days of sitting, the frequent meals out, and the late nights of working or entertaining can take a real toll on your health and fitness. Despite the challenges, I travel almost every week and have discovered some easy ways to stay fit on the go. 

Easy Tips To Stay Fit On The Go

Have a plan. Think through your days, and imagine yourself making healthy choices. Before going to bed, line up your day in your mind like a deck of cards, and then look at each section of your day as if it’s a card in the deck. “Practice” mentally (ie “plan) how you’re going to make healthy choices at each major juncture. How will you eat? When will you drink water? Where will you make time for exercise? Plan-prep-follow thru, just like any other goal you’d set for yourself.

Easy Tips To Stay Fit On The Go

Make it a game! Take the stairs, walk instead of ubering downtown, stop and stretch before boarding a flight (no, you do NOT have to be the first person in your zone to board), our brains are wired towards games, so this approach keeps you more focused on it. You might even try opening up that health app on your phone… I always find it interesting to keep a loose track of which airports get me the most miles walked, and generally have an idea if I’m above or below average for movement each day. When I’m below, it motivates me to do juuuuust a little more.

Pack some goods and avoid sweets. I keep dark chocolate squares and a couple good granola bars in my travel bag so that when I’m asking myself like, “should I eat that conference room donut?” or “Should I order dessert since everyone else is?” I remember that I have a better option, and go for a coffee or tea instead.

Easy Tips To Stay Fit On The Go

Single serving pouches are my jam for traveling. Some of my faves are:

  • Botanika Blends (planet based) protein powder – way less shady than a Ziploc bag full of power, plus you don’t have to measure. Use code FRENCHFRY15 for 15% off on BotanikaBlends.com
  • Conscious Coconut pouches for my coffee. I’m so picky about creamers (sustainable organic is a rare find) so these are perfect for when I want something more than black. Its v high in fat (just like adding cream), so I don’t do it all the time. ConsciousCoconut
    Justin’s Peanut butter (or almond butter) pouches are my latest obsession. That plus an apple is the perfect breakfast, or snack. Amazon

Pack your coolest workout gear! No joke – cool stuff you wanna wear WILL influence your choice to squeeze in some time for movement. This is why I love getting new (or new to me by swapping with friends) athletic wear, keeps it interesting! Fabletics is my favorite monthly subscription service for this reason. If you’re still not feeling motivated – PUT YOUR WORKOUT CLOTHES *ON* and start with a five minute walk. It just takes a little momentum to get you going in the right direction sometimes.

How do you stay fit on the go? Please comment below!

Easy Tips To Stay Fit On The Go Business Travel Life


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Julie Anne Cormier Insta->@JulieAnneFrenchFry
Julie Anne Cormier Insta->@JulieAnneFrenchFry

Julie Anne Cormier is a Frequent flier, environmentalist, working with energy companies around the world to help reduce air pollution. She also travels for fun in her free time searching for the most beautiful oceans, beaches and underwater reefs she can find. Follow her on Instagram: @JulieAnneFrenchFry

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