6 Business Travel Safety Hacks You Need To Know

Business Travel Safety Hacks Every Work Traveler Needs To Remember

Business travel can be fairly sheltered. It’s often associated with things like conferences (which are at high end hotels usually), visiting major cities and corporate hubs (often ill go from an airplane to a taxi to a hotel to a conference room and then back on an airplane).

But there are some risks associated with travel, especially if you’re accustomed to a pretty sheltered experience. I’ve been in Caracas, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Beijing, New York City, Mexico City… anywhere you travel, there’s a potential for risk. It’s always a good idea to do some research, and I’m sharing six business travel safety tips that I’ll recommend for almost any destination.

Before going on a recent trip to Buenos Aires, I received a packet of safety instructions, in which the first sentence read: “Remember this is South America, not United States.”

Considering the European architecture, and Buenos Aires global status it could be easy to forget that once you’re there. Regardless, it’s always good to be aware of your surroundings and practice safe travel routines, so here are a couple tips, things I do to minimize risk when I travel.

business travel safety tips

Travel With Multiple Wallets- Keep your expired credit cards, library cards, and fake cards that come in the mail as offers. Load up two or three wallets for a trip and spread your real and fake stuff throughout each. Separate your passport and drivers license so if you loose one, you’ll have the other. Be aware of where your most important stuff is, and if you have to give up a wallet, know which pocket it’s in to quickly grab it. I’ve also thought about doing this same thing with an old cell phone, but never have.

business travel safety tips

Speaking of Cell Phones – don’t walk around with your phone out. Avoid looking at maps, filming stories, or talking on your phone unless you KNOW it’s safe. I suggest that you stop walking, turn into a little corner, or rest your back up against a building if you need to glance at a map or re-calibrate your sense of direction.

business travel safety tips

Never Resist a Robbery- Give up everything immediately. Your life is way more important than replacing your stuff.

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business travel safety tips

Electronics Security- Maybe I’m paranoid, but I rarely connect to hotel and airplane WiFi anymore. Both are usually unsecured networks. If you’re abroad and can’t use your data service or hot spot, then it might be necessary, but don’t leave your devices connected all the time. Connect, send and receive what you need to, and then disconnect.

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business travel safety tips

Taxis – When I take a taxi, I always wait and watch them load my luggage into the trunk prior to entering the vehicle. I suggest you negotiate the price up front (I’ll usually have already asked the hotel about pricing so I know what to expect). In certain countries, I will sit up front instead of the back. If you know there’s a high frequency of car jacking, sitting up front makes you less of a target because you don’t immediately look like a client, and also it reminds everyone around you that you know the game.

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business travel safety tips

Pay Attention– I cannot stress this one enough – PAY ATTENTION! Don’t zone out in car rides or at restaurants. Look and listen to what’s going on around you. If you don’t speak the language, try to LISTEN for any words you might know. People can tell when you’re paying attention and it makes you less of a target. LOOK for people you’ve seen before, if you recognize someone more than once in a big city, that’s a warning sign, also if you’re engaged and looking around, you’re less of a target for crime.

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Safe travels everyone! Do you have any business travel safety hacks? Please share below. You can keep up with Business Travel Life Contribute Julie Anne Cormier by following her on Instagram @Julieannefrenchfry.

business travel safety hacks

All photos were taken by author Julie Anne Cormier

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Julie Anne Cormier Insta->@JulieAnneFrenchFry
Julie Anne Cormier Insta->@JulieAnneFrenchFry

Julie Anne Cormier is a Frequent flier, environmentalist, working with energy companies around the world to help reduce air pollution. She also travels for fun in her free time searching for the most beautiful oceans, beaches and underwater reefs she can find. Follow her on Instagram: @JulieAnneFrenchFry

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