Travel Workouts beyond the Hotel Gym

9 Travel Workouts That Don’t Require A Gym

Do you avoid working out during travel because you despise the idea of using the often small and sometimes crowded hotel gym? You no longer have any excuses because we have compiled a list nine travel workouts that do not involve stepping foot into the hotel gym.

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Body Weight Exercises– Body weight exercise is a great option to get stronger without stepping foot into a gym. Examples would include pushups, sit ups, and body weight squats. Try this 10 minute hotel room workout that combines plyometrics and body weight exercises!

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Jog– If your health permits, commit to jogging. Start with a walk/jog combination until you build up your stamina. There are many hotels that will provide a jogging map of the area. If you are new to running check out these tips for getting started.

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PlyometricsPlyometric exercises are explosive exercises like jumping jacks and jogging in place that are performed at a high intensity. Plyometrics burn so many calories, you can cut your workout down using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

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Resistance BandsResistance bands take up very little luggage space and provide up resistance up to 148 pounds.  You can work nearly every muscle with a resistance band workout!

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Stairs– Use the stairs at your hotel to get a workout. Simply walking up and down the stairs for 10 minute intervals burns over 100 calories according to LiveStrong.com.

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SwimSwimming is an often forgotten about form of exercise. Not only is swimming a low impact workout (easy on the body), just about every hotel has a swimming pool. And, a swimming suit takes up very little space in your bag. If you prefer not to put your head in the water consider Aqua Jogging. The belt will help you float while you jog in the pool, keeping your head above the water.

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TRX Suspension TrainerTRX Suspension Training is a great hotel workout. The TRX straps weigh about 2 pounds (take up very little luggage space) and anchor any door with a lock. You can expect a full body workout from the TRX.

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Walk, Walk, Walk– Walking is great exercise. During travel, walk as much as you can. Skip the electric sidewalk at the airport and skip the tram between terminals when possible. If you are working in the city nearby your hotel and the weather permits, walk to your destination.

travel workouts business travel life 1Yoga– Yoga has many benefits for travelers and is an excellent workout. Yoga also requires little space and minimal equipment (a towel will even work for a mat). Many hotels, like Hyatt, will lend you a yoga mat. Not sure where to start? Check out DoYogaWithMe.com for free yoga videos.

Lastly, no excuses about not having enough time to exercise during travel. Even if you need to break your exercise up into two, 15 minute intervals or three, ten minute intervals you are still completing 30 minutes of exercise! For more ways to find time to work out on the road click here.

What are your favorite types of travel workouts? Please leave a comment below!

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